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lom_workshop's Journal

God is in the Details - A Life on Mars Workshop
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life on mars research and writing community
Welcome to the Life on Mars writing workshop! This comm was started to help writers find research materials and discuss/review/share resources needed to write Life on Mars fanfic. The comm is open to all writers who want to explore the world of the BBC television series, be it the 1970s or 2006 timeline. Everything is up for discussion, from what people ate to common medical practices to queer activism. General writing-workshop topics are welcome as well, as long as they are LoM specific.

If you want to get into LoM fandom, your first stop needs to be lifein1973 which is the home for Life on Mars fans on LJ. There you can find links to other communities and LoM specific sites, not to mention more excellent fanfic than any single fandom has a right to claim!

ON TAGGING: Due to the myriad of topics connected with LoM, tagging a post is important. Use as many tags as you think you need, but try to make sure you are using the right time era tag. I have separated them out into two groups: '1970s' tags and '2006' tags. If you are discussing changes over time, you would be fine using both era tags (say, how coma patients are treated from then to now might have both the '1970s-medicine' and '2006-medicine' tags). For fear of things getting out of hand, tags can ONLY be created by a mod; if you don't see a tag you think you need, though, just ask us to make it!

Copyright issues with Research Sources: When quoting or duplicating primary sources for a post here (primary sources being books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, etc.) it is wise to keep in mind copyright laws. Which, alas, is not easy to do because they are confusing and vary wildly from country to country. Most times usage/quoting of such sources falls under a "fair use"/"fair deal" kind of loophole where if you are using it non-commercially for research purposes, you get a free pass. HOWEVER don't bet your legal counsel on it. When in doubt, ASK about it, and/or f-lock the post to community members. In the UK, copyright extends for at least 50 years after publication; in the US, it is 50 to 75 years depending on when it was created. Also, copyright law in most countries extends from the country of origin (i.e - publications from Britain do not fall under American copyright law even if used in America). See? CONFUSING! So protect yourself, and us, and play it safe: ask, f-lock, disclaim.

Please Note:
~This is NOT the community for posting fic in.
~This is NOT where you post requests to find specific fics.
~This is not a A2A research comm; no, the mods don't hate A2A, but that show is set in a different era. We are trying to make things LESS confusing, not MORE confusing.
~This is not a LoM-US research comm. That might change, but for right now, that is how things are.
~Flaming, trolling, and general rudeness will NOT be tolerated. Be polite or be gone.